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Ann Y. Wang, CMD (China), L. Ac  Medical Director 

Dr. Ann Wang is founder of the Integrative Medicine Center in Ithaca, NY and V.P. and Medical director for Treasure of the East. She received her medical degree in Chinese medicine from Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and her Ph.D. in research advancement in Oriental medicine from the College of Alternative Medicine Research Advancement, AGU. She was a Chief Medical Administrator of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, an adjunct professor of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, and a faculty member at Cornell University. She has directed the development of the largest Traditional Chinese Medicine database in the US. The database allows the integration of the finest aspects of Traditional Chinese medical diagnostic and treatment techniques with conventional medicine. The database has already been adopted into the information systems of major pharmacy chains such as CVS and PharmaVite. She is one the first six oversea practitioners to be awarded the title of Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Physician in Chief by the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies. She is also a member of the Presidential Council of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies.


(607) 275-9697

301 W. State St. Ithaca, NY 14850