Paula Fitzsimmons, P.A.

NOTE: Statement from Practitioner:

"I am putting a hold on my practice in order to integrate with another practice in 

Ithaca. I will do everything I can to keep this period as short as possible and ask that

established patients with questions or need for refills use the portal to

communicate. I am keeping a list of all cancellations so that I may contact you when

I am seeing patients again."


I received my Bachelor’s Degree from Cornell University in 1980, in Human Development
and Family Studies.  I received my Physician Assistant degree from Yale University in 1985
and have 30 years of experience in Internal Medicine and Integrative Women’s Health.  My
practice here at IMC offers consults in Integrative management of hormonal balance
and wellness, with use of hormonal and Functional Medicine testing. For those who choose
use of hormones, I prescribe bioidentical hormones through a compounding pharmacy.  
I believe in lifestyle approaches to most health issues and uncovering root cause whenever
possible.  I continue to devote time to my education through Integrative and Functional
Medicine trainings.  


Some of the related issues that I work with are:

Perimenopause and Menopause


Thyroid and adrenal health

Gut health (foundational to all other issues)

Sexual health

Brain health


I am not practicing Primary Care Medicine at this time; routine health maintenance should be followed by the patient’s Primary Care Provider.  I am practicing at IMC under Chiron Wellness.  Although I don't accept insurance, I will provide a super bill for patients to submit to their insurance, flex plans, or Health Savings Accounts.  Payment will be due at time of service.  Please discuss fees with the receptionist when you call the office.


If you would like to make an appointment, please fill out the intake form below so we can ensure that the match is right for you and us. Once you submit this, the receptionist will call you and provide a health history form.  Bringing recent labs to your appointment is very helpful but do not have all records transferred here.


I have practiced in the area for many years, but this new practice is specific to the issues described above.

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