Dan Kraak, P.T.

Dan Kraak, P.T. is very skilled at helping patients with herniated disc problems. He uses primarily McKenzie techniques. Very few of his patients at Cornell University Physical Therapy (CUPT) progressed to needing surgery. For other spinal dysfunctions short of disc involvement, he most often employs Maitland and Mulligan techniques for spine facet mobilizations.

Dan believes the more someone knows about themselves, about their "condition", the better they are able to facilitate their recovery. Education is an important part of an appointment with him. He doesn't claim he makes people better, but that he helps them get better. Indeed, he does "things" to them, but people need to work with him also. Virtually everyone that sees Dan gets a "Home Program" to follow. At CUPT he saw patients from new freshmen to retired faculty, although he has not seen many pediatric patients. On occasion, he does trigger point release/therapeutic massage. He is sensitive to trigger points often times subtle influence. He is quite skilled at quickly finding and treating them. He frequently reminds everyone that he also shows patients how to treat themselves.

Acute to chronic pain patients can benefit from Dan's experience: People with symptoms all the way down a leg or arm. Those with limited range of motion - can't look over their shoulder, can't lift their arm above their shoulder, can't turn their bodies, can't bend forward or back. Limited ability to climb/descend stairs. Difficult movement/walking after an ankle sprain. He could see patients after surgery, but would be limited in helping their recovery due to office constraints if an extensive rigorous exercise program were needed. He could meet with a health facility to set up an exercise program there, and monitor progress from the office. He doesn't believe one discipline is the answer to all conditions. He recognizes his limitations and refers/defers to others when appropriate. He realizes sometimes surgery is the correct route.

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