Jon Hamm, D.C.



Dr. Hamm is a National Board Certified and New York State licensed Doctor of Chiropractic. He is a graduate of New York Chiropractic College earning the highest awards and honors the College offers; the DiGiacomo Technique award for mastery and excellence in manual adjustments and chiropractic therapeutic technique. He is also certified in NIMMOCare and myofascial release as well as functional movement taping. Very few of his patients ever progress to surgery and many stay for the added benefits that chiropractic brings to their lives through regular care. He also has been a lifelong, and highly decorated, martial artist with over 31 years of experience teaching internationally; and uses this experience in the mechanisms of injury to help diagnose and treat his patients.


His mission is to provide conservative chiropractic care specializing in neuromuscularskeletal conditions by evaluating and treating the central nervous system, muscular system, and osseous structures with proper biomechanical function to alleviate or reduce pain, improve motion, recovery and performance of the whole family and athletes. The conditions he treats are: disc herniation, low back, mid back, and neck pain, sciatica, general joint restrictions, TMJ issues, leg/foot/ankle pain, shoulder injuries and pain as well as increased athletic performance. Many patients continue care seeing as how a functioning central nervous system that is allowed to be in balance with our bodies rigorous daily lives, see an overwhelming since of quality of life increase.


Dr. Hamm prides himself on not treating our symptoms but addressing the cause of our pain and dysfunction with amazing results. Dr. Hamm has treated everyone from infants and children to our heroes in the Veterans Affairs Hospitals and professional dancers, acrobats, combat arts fighters, power lifters, body builders, and triathletes. He has even been featured internationally while treating royalty.






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