New Patient Information

Making an Appointment
To schedule an appointment, please call (607)275-9697. If this is your first appointment, please print out and fill in the intake form for the practitioner you'll be seeing to save time when you come in for your first visit. See the necessary practitioner page for their forms.

Although it is becoming more common, coverage for acupuncture is still not widely available on most insurance plans. Our acupuncturists require payment at the time of service. If an individual does have coverage on his or her plan, we can provide a receipt or statement that can be submitted by the patient directly to the insurance company for reimbursement. Many people are able to submit their receipts to flexible benefits or health savings accounts which utilize pre-tax dollars to cover health services.

Please contact our office if you have questions regarding insurance coverage for acupuncture.

Naturopathic Medicine
Because Naturopathic Doctors are unlicensed in New York State, it is usually difficult to get insurance coverage for their services. However, many people are able to count these expenses as medical expenses with Flexible Benefits or Health Savings Accounts as they do with Acupuncture.

To download intake forms, please go to the respective practitioner's page. You can find each practitioner's page located under the heading 'Practitioners'. Once on the practitioner's page, you will then find the link to download forms. Patient intake forms are in Adobe PDF format and require Adobe Reader® to view. PDF format allows access to electronic documents that look exactly like paper versions from any type of operating systems (Windows,Linux,OS X) provided it has the appropriate viewing software.