Preventative Medicine Program

Mission Statement

Diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and obesity are known risk factors for heart attack and stroke. Current evidence suggests that early treatment may prevent or reverse these conditions.

Our goal is to support our patients' progress toward optimal health with individually designed integrative programs that will prevent or address these common health issues.

The patient and the practitioners will work in partnership using conventional and alternative modalities to facilitate the body's natural healing response. Our mission is to guide our patients toward a new paradigm of wellness through a circle of providers networked with the community's full spectrum of treatment modalities.

What is the Preventive Medicine Program?

Our program has been designed by a collaborative team of providers using both traditional and alternative therapies. Your initial evaluation will be with a medical doctor or physician assistant. An individual program will be developed for you, incorporating as many modalities as needed to provide safe, effective therapy for your health issues.

All of our programs include the supervision of a medical doctor or physician assistant who will incorporate lab work, monitoring and pharmaceutical interventions where indicated. A maintenance program helps ensure that the benefits are sustained over time.

Is this program right for you?

Anyone can participate in our program to achieve improved health.

If you fit any of the conditions below, the program has been especially designed for you.

If you are over-weight.
Working with the Body Mass Index concept, we'll help you establish healthy goals. Then we'll design a program and support you in achieving that goal using sophisticated internet tools, medical supervision, exercise, nutritional counseling, body image therapy and oriental medicine.

If your cholesterol levels are too high.
We can explain the different types of cholesterol, what the numbers mean, and what the research says works. Recent evidence suggests that high stress states worsen cholesterol profiles. A stress reduction program, as well as healthy eating, physical activity, and oriental medicine will be instituted as first line therapies.

If your blood pressure is too high.
The latest studies indicate that every point reduction in blood pressure correlates with decreased risk of cardiovascular disease. Our program begins with stress management using massage, aromatherapy and hydrotherapy to address the root cause of many causes of high stress. Along with nutritional counseling, guidance will be given to support the development of sustainable exercise programs that can be easily incorporated into a daily schedule. Acupuncture and oriental medicine modalities will be added as needed.

If you are at risk of developing diabetes.
You are at risk for diabetes if: 1) your family members have it; 2) you had it while you were pregnant; 3) your blood sugar levels have been slightly abnormal, or; 4) your body mass index is over 30. It is possible to delay or even prevent the development of diabetes through healthy eating, physical activity, stress management, acupuncture and oriental medicine.

What are the benefits?

Research indicates that the team approach may be more successful than individual efforts at providing sustained motivation and results.

Our team of practitioners will blend the best of complementary and traditional medicine to provide a truly integrative approach to your health.

Small group participation in ongoing lectures and workshops will support you through your healing process.

Your commitment and investment in this integrative model will provide the foundation for health risk reduction and journey to well-being.

Insurance coverage and how to get started?

While most alternative modalities are not yet recognized by insurance carriers, some of the services associated with our program may be partially or fully covered.

If you are interested in participating in the IMC's Preventive Medicine Program, please call our office at (607) 275-9697.